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What a Tangled Website We Weave

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Contrary to popular belief, this didn't come from Shakespeare, but Sir Walter Scott.  You know how the saying relates to spiders and drama-mongering, but you probably never guessed it applied to your business. It does. Especially to your website. Your website needs to be a spider's web. Meticulously organized, intricately connected, and simple enough for anyone to understand. You can read from one end of the internet to the other how your website needs to be simple to attract customers. This is unequivocally true--you can't overwhelm your visitors, you'll send them fleeing. Get rid of everything unnecessary. Apple's website is a perfect example. This doesn't mean you throw creative design out the window. Apple maximizes their color scheme to market their products--they have from the moment iPods started coming in color. But focus on the essential--a new product, service, event--and keep it above the fold. Even in the age of touch screens, you can't expect people to scroll unless they see something they need right off the bat. This also applies to copy. Get all those extra words off the front page. Pictures make can drive a statement home just as effectively as copy. No one likes to be bombarded with an essay when they open up a website--even newspapers use big text and pictures to grab your attention on the front page. Look how delicious this giant cinnamon roll is. It practically screams, "click me!" Your website needs to be a web.  Axiom's website uses a menu bar with drop-downs. What does your website need more than anything else? A menu bar. You should be able to click everywhere. From anywhere [...]

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Siteception: Microsites within a Website

What do you really know about your website? You probably have one, but how do you know when to add to it? How to increase your SEO, your traffic? What do you know about microsites? They’re a site within a site. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Marketers love them because they’re most often used to target a particular demographic or achieve a specific goal. Think of them as a bridge between email marketing and your main website. They can act as steroids for your SEO and draw eyes to new services and attract new customers like bees to the Botanic Gardens. Microsites give an opportunity for more company branding and exploring new web design. You can be a little quirky–most things that go viral are, see Mashable’s post on creating viral microsites–or more serious. A microsite can be anything. It’s a dream within a dream. (See what I did there?) Excuse me while I knock them off their shiny marble pedestal and look at the flip side. […]

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